Vinyl Decal - Messy Bun & Getting Shit Done
Oscar & Lou

Vinyl Decal - Messy Bun & Getting Shit Done

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Decorate your planner or journal with this gorgeous Vinyl Bow Decal. 

Available in 
Rose Gold (Metallic)
Gold (Metallic)
Silver (Metallic)
Pink (Matte)
Black (Matte)

Included in this pack is 1 individual piece, with transfer sheet applied to top of vinyl decal. 

Size of each piece is approx 10cm x 7.5cm 

To apply decal, follow these simple instructions:
1 - Clean area that you will be applying your decal to.
2 - Rub a credit card firmly across the sticker on the clear transfer tape. This ensures the sticker will cling to the transfer tape.
3 - Peel the white paper backing off the sticker. If the decal sticks to the backing, slowly replace the paper backing and repeat Step 2.
4 - Place the sticker onto the surface and rub it in place firmly with a credit card. 
5 - Slowly peel the clear transfer tape off at an angle. Be careful not to pull the sticker off the surface. If sticker pulls away from the surface repeat Step 4.

** Please note colours may vary slightly on each computer monitor.
** Vinyl is not re-usable. To be used on clean and dry smooth surfaces. If placing decal on coffee mugs, glasses etc, please wash at own risk.

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